Query# 16-07: Options for appropriate prescribing


This project aims to conduct a review of interventions to support appropriate prescribing of opioid. Previously, a full report was submitted to DSEN describing the results from the systematic review and an abstract with a summary of the review was presented at the 33rd International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management.

Phase 1 of this project, a systematic review, has been completed. After discussions with Health Canada, it was determined that Phase 2 be made into its own separate query.  Phase 2 will look at the following questions:

* What approaches and initiatives are utilized to positively influence appropriate prescribing and reduce unnecessary variations in prescribing?

* Of the different appropriate prescribing initiatives identified is there any evidence of their impact on outcomes measures in Canada?

* How do the different appropriate prescribing initiatives compare on various outcome measures?

* What data are required to inform and support interventions on appropriate prescribing?

* What types of quality indicators are effective in monitoring appropriate prescribing and use?.


Moride et al. A Systematic Review of Interventions and Programs Targeting Appropriate Prescribing of Opioids. 2017 (ICPE abstract)



For more information contact: Autumn Neville. Research Coordinator. autumn.neville@rimuhc.ca   514.934.1934 ext.44844  or  ext.44718

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