Query# 16-07: Options for appropriate prescribing


This project aims to conduct a review of interventions to support appropriate prescribing of opioid. Previously, a full report was submitted to DSEN describing the results from the systematic review and an abstract with a summary of the review was presented at the 33rd International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management. CAN-AIM and DSEN-CO have initiated conversations with the Office of Drug Policy, Science and Surveillance in the Controlled Substances Directorate to start Phase 2 of this project: evaluation of Canadian resources to assess the impact of initiatives to support appropriate prescribing of opioid. Few items were identified as being of potential interest for Phase 2:


  1. Predictors of long-term use of opioids in non-cancer patients;
  2. Patterns of sub-optimal usage of prescription opioids (e.g., doctor shopping etc.) overall, in youth (especially in young men) and indigenous;
  3. Trends in prescribed opioids usage and impact on illicit drug use.


For more information contact: Autumn Neville. Research Coordinator. autumn.neville@rimuhc.ca   514.934.1934 ext.44844  or  514.699.4828

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