Capacity building in the area of drug safety and effectiveness research is one of the top priorities of the CAN-AIM team.

Given our focus on enhancing, validating and real-life applications of the advanced interdisciplinary methodology for prospective observational studies, and the analytical challenges involved in the conduct of such studies, this goal has been mostly addressed through research training of both PhD students and post-doctoral fellows in the fields of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

CAN-AIM’s capacity building activities have and will continue to focus on the training of highly qualified personnel (HQPs) We consider HQP training and building future capacities to be our top priorities. The rich and varied clinical and methodological expertise that exists within our Team, combined with the extensive supervisor/mentoring experience of it’s members, will create excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary training and inter-university co-supervision.

In total, 6 research trainees, 2 post-doctoral fellows and 4 PhD students have been directly involved in the conduct of specific DSEN-related research and/or development and validation of new statistical methods essential for the analyses addressing DSEN.