Query 13-01: Darunavir and congenital malformations

This project was funded (by CIHR-DSEN, as a query posed by Health Canada) in August 2013 for one year (PI: A. Berard, co-PI S. Bernatsky, co-investigator M. Abrahamowicz).

In our analyses, we used data from three pre-established pregnancy cohorts (Quebec, Saskatchewan and US Medicaid). Results indicated that antiretroviral use during the first trimester of pregnancy was increasing the risk of gastrointestinal defect and genital organ defects.

Results were discussed at the June 2015 Reseau Quebecois de Recherche sur les Medicaments (RQRM) meeting and the Teratology Society meeting in June 2015.

Our manuscript has been accepted for publication:

Sheehy O, Zhao J, Abrahamowicz M, Loutfy M, Boucoiran I, Bernatsky S, Berard A. Antiretroviral combination use during pregnancy and the risk of major congenital malformations. Accepted to AIDS.


For more information contact: Autumn Neville. Research Assistant. autumn.neville@rimuhc.ca 514.934.1934 ext.44844 or 514.699.4828

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