July 23, 2018

Fluconazole and risk fetal events during pregnancy

Q# 16-09: Fluconazole and Risk Fetal Events during Pregnancy

This project aims to investigate the association between use of fluconazole, a systemic azole antifungal drug treating vulvovaginal candidiasis, during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion, still birth or major birth defects/congenital malformations and under what conditions these situations occur (timing [first, second or third trimester, or throughout pregnancy], dosing [single 150 mg or less fluconazole dose, cumulative dosing]).

A full report for this query was prepared and submitted to query submitters and DSEN.

Berard A, Sheehy O, Zhao JP, Gorgui J, Bernatsky S, de Moura CS, Abrahamowicz M. Associations between low-and high-dose oral fluconazole and pregnancy outcomes: 3 nested case-control studies. CMAJ. 2019 Feb;191(7):E179-187.

For more information contact: Jessica (Lifang) Wang. Research Coordinator. [email protected]   514.934.1934 ext.44718