July 17, 2020

Effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis effective at preventing iGAS in persons exposed to iGAS cases

Infection by Streptococcus pyogenes (group A streptococci, GAS) can cause a wide range of syndromes and invasive GAS (iGAS) infection causes significant morbidity and mortality in both children and adults. The risk of contracting iGAS disease is higher amongst close contacts of iGAS cases relative to other contacts or the general population. However, very few population-based studies have been published quantifying the risk of secondary household transmission.

We aim to estimate the effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in preventing secondary household transmission of iGAS. We are using two data sources to respond to this query: MarketScan, a database of healthcare claims information and Medicare program (US) and the Quebec Pregnancy Cohort (QPC), an ongoing prospective, population-based cohort on pregnancies covered by the provincial prescription drug insurance (QC).

A report of our MarketScan analyses is in preparation. QPC analyses are underway.

This section will be updated as our study progresses.

For more information, contact: Autumn Neville, Research Coordinator. [email protected]

This research was funded by CIHR-DSEN 
Lead investigators: Dr. Sasha Bernatsky and Dr. Anick Berard
Query 20-07 raised by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Infectious Diseases